I’m samsam! I’m a happy kid owned by God! I love my life and all I do, though I kind of trip and fall along this journey called life. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes there’s anger and almost all the time there is tears. But I still love my life, what I do. I’m someone who can’t betray my heart, what I feel and what I care. It’s just me. I love to design, illustration that’s what I called HAPPY design. A design that comes from my heart and soul. That’s design to me, whether if I will be a great designer or what, I’m not bothered. Simply, I can’t betray my heart and design something I think the world will like. That’s not art (: Lastly I love Jesus, it’s hard I know, to follow Him is not easy but I have chosen and I won’t regret what i’ve decided upon! Believe it or not! I’m currently a first year student in Lasalle College of the Arts. Welcome to a story abt my savior and my life (:


6 thoughts on “About

  1. trekrecord says:

    You may send my photo to the church e mail address. Thank you. (kenny)

  2. mrshbt says:

    Dear SamSam,
    I came to your blog from cuppapoint’s blog. So glad that there are more and more spiritual food bloggers.

  3. justwhack says:

    hello mrs hbt (: you got an interesting blog too (: and I do love to eat!

  4. Brad Gross says:

    Hey Samsam, randomly found your blog by just perusing wordpress blogs! LOL! Thanks for being so honest and transparent on your site. Definitely gonna link ya! Hope you have a great week!

    Isaiah 58:10

  5. justwhack says:

    :D that’s me..

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