It’s a time of rejoicing and of a new year.

There’s always something special when a year crosses to the next, can’t figure it exactly.

Like a new birth to something to new. It’s has been a difficult 2011.

Everyone has their problems to deal with, it’s how you solve and deal with it.

For me in 2011, I gues it was Naiveness.

Too naive, too ready to trust the world, I’ve tasted how scary and dangerous the world is.

There’s one thing that’s for sure.

His Love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.

His love overwhelms me and satisfy my soul.

New year, a new journey, new obstacles, but I’m happy.

2011 I conquered lots of fears, and it’ll be so this year.

Gotta run, lots to do still!

one of it is to follow that bible reading plan, to read the entire bible this year with the church! :D

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square one.


sometimes, the weirdest thing is when you thought you’re out of a place. then you find yourself back there again, it’s like a deja vu. guess I was there, and have done that. I don’t know why God is putting me through this, but I suppose and choose to believe that God knows that I will be able to handle this too.

questions, questions, zillions of questions run through my mind like the speed of lightning.

the midnight closet writings, are the best time for me to write.

I’m not working again :) wells, I’m disappointed and upset about it, yet to get myself together. Soon, I’ll be up and running again. Thought through much, actually I still have no idea what I really want to do. Till today, yes I studied design and all but what’s it, what should I do? Design jobs? I jumped into jobs after I graduate, but I’m also glad I don’t have one now. So that I figure what is in my heart that I should do. FAITH.

I’m gonna have a good long think.

I don’t want to live with regrets that I didn’t get to do something I really wanted. Well’s I have no intention of staying in singapore. Now it’s my choice to start applying into other studios should I even say I am exhausted with singapore studio. Perhaps they’re just not what I’m looking for. Getting some ideas, okay always wanted to work overseas. What should I do God?

this is gonna be a quite a wait.



beautiful quote

” To fight is to struggle, endure, withstand, persevere against all odds. The choice may be to fight without loud discontent, but the quiet fight is not entered blind and more than just for the spirit of the fight, it is to fight for a cause. And here, rightly so, it is a fight with hope for greater things to come.”  – Justin Long


(Get it here! via Little Drom Store)

thinking of getting some knick knacks? for a special friend and stuff, this is my favourite shop in Singapore thus far. It’s a little hideout I go to, as and when I can find the time. They sell really exquisite and lovely stuff. Frankie Magazine is the other thing I oftenly visit them often for. These wooden iphone cases caught my eyes, beautiful aren’t they? Loved the way how wood naturally captivates my eyes. Still contemplating to get it a not, if there’s no camera behind, would it be what I will want? Question, Question, Question.

Been a little busy this week, I’m cramming my driving lessons as much as I can this week just before I start work on tuesday, where I have to say HI! to the real life and say BYE! to my fun-filled days I have had. Final theory Test on monday, busy busy day. Lots to do, a freelance project on the way. For a friend (:  Branding agency, please don’t be a boring subject for me please, I need to spend quite a period of time with you. I just seriously hope I won’t end up regretting! Excited about my new workspace instead of the office whatever, thinking about what to bring to office. I told my mom about the things I’m bringing, she was like why don’t I bring my travel bag. I looked at her with disbelief.. Like no, that’s so awkward to bring that on the 1st Day of work. Haaaa…

It’s a great day! :)


a strange and quirky day.

this day, I woke up late for an interview. I took a cab from redhill station to the company.

There in the cab, the cab driver talked to me about carrying cash around like a weird lecture to me.

Got off the cab, met the people, strangely I aced that interview. Never happens in any interview I went so far.

Then, off I went to take a bus to city hall station. I was daydreaming about esplanade park, how beautiful it’ll be to take a walk right there in the evening even in the day as well.

Guess what? I missed my stop, and the next stop I landed at ESPLANADE Park, deja vu.

It was like, right I’m here now. What should I do, stood there and admired the skyscrapers and the scenery, taking a long slow stroll around esplanade before getting to my train home.

Then, off I went on the train, I gave up a seat to a senior citizen. But wells, he’s a tourist and started talking to me. He asked if I was learning drawing and driving. I was like, kind of. Well, the conversation continued, he’s a freaking Potter! I mean a real potter that works with clay and ceramics. He designed sculptures for Hotels and Resorts, 40 over resorts in Maldives. You must be kidding me!! How rare it is to meet a potter who’s a complete stranger right? Then, guess what’s next, he advised me to keep a journal in my design career to know what I have done and where  I could improve. I find it a chore to do this actually, but I guess when old people talks such words, I usually take them very well into my head and heart and follow thru. So yes.

Then, my sister strangely offered to cook spaghetti for me for lunch. Genius what can be so perfect.

Next, I received a call offering me a job. From the interview I been to. GREAT NEWS!!

then I had a final evaluation to pass that afternoon!

i just gotta say, God gave a huge day of surprises to me.

It never made sense to me, when everything comes so strangely and perfect to me all within a day!

So I’m very thankful! for this beautiful day

and for that I wrote a post to remember this day.



Pronunciation:/dɪˈlɛmə, dʌɪ-/

noun: a difficult situation or problem:the insoluble dilemma of adolescence
Usage : At its core, a dilemma is a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives. More informally, it can mean ‘a difficult situation or problem’ (as in the insoluble dilemma of adolescence). Some traditionalists object to this weakened use, but it is recorded as early as the first part of the 17th century, and is now widespread and generally acceptable.

There’s a dilemma, but I kind of weighed out many things, even though I wished I had the best of both worlds. I just have one choice. And it’s a major one. I will either gain a prestigious job or I’ll lose a bunch of very fun and loving colleagues. Truly sucks, to make such decisions. Though I’m more or less decided but once I haven’t send that SMS, I still have choice in my hands. Lord, why such decisions. Which job will I be happier? I don’t know. But I trust that You are in control, you’ll be guide and lead me in making the right decision in my life. I still want to hang out with this bunch of colleagues seriously! I miss them already! :( Shi-design and Idealab. Urghhhhh, don’t like deciding such things.

POOF, jump into bed first!

I’ll think later


crusin’ the night.

♥ acoustic covers

I miss the days I sat in front of my imac, playing the guitar.

singing, writing lyrics.

miss those days!

When people ask about my hobbies, I can’t really figure what are they.

So I’m gonna write them now. :)

i love writing, i love doodl-ing, i love the guitar, cruisn’ to music, I LOVE COOKING with the boyfriend, loved analyzing to soundtracks for movies, that last one is more ike a fetish. One major one, loved loved watching MOVIEs, all that are in cinemas. Enjoy the jayesslee video, check out their other songs (* Breakeven – The Script ) that one is greattt too!


Positive things & Negative things

I’m a typical type of girl who likes to learn positive things at the end so I’ll be happy so let’s start with the negative things.

My family’s helper is employed by another employer, she left this evening for a new home. I’m kind of dejected that she’s gone now. Not because of the housework etc but the house has just grown even more lonelier.

I can assure you, I dislike a quiet and boring house. :( when grandma’s around everyone will watch tv, there’s always things to do as a family together watching tv and eating snacks.

Positive things lately, I’ve been doing my driving and progressing well. I got my ever first freelance paycheck! so YAY! Then I just received a freelance job next week, excited but yet very much afraid how I will fare. I certainly hope I will be good! Thirdly, I got another freelance opportunity, but they nearly wanted to get me in for 2 weeks. But I turned down due to the first freelance job opportunity. SO YESSS. I’m feeling strange how they all came in within a day. Thankful to God for all these little positive things.

To admit, I’m really quite down and discourage with the amount of changes I’m coping these 2 weeks. But yes. I’m looking forward to some light and positive things. the boyfriend has been very sweet, we arent in the best form you know. so much been happening. Our reality of jobs and all but it has been quite the journey of pain and trials but I guess I wouldn’t want to walk this journey without him around (: Thank you God for him (:

my idol died.

my idol died.

Steve Jobs.

Wells, I’m gonna put the talk about fleetingness of life really is aside for the moment.

Yes, a life that has toiled hard and is now gone with the wind.

Definitely, Christ has a greater meaning than these.

Nonetheless, believe it a not, He’s like one of the greatest people I look up to.

Why? It’s solely because steve jobs changed the world and how it functioned, he changed the way technology is today and how it’s advancing at such a speed and rate. He’s amazing. Like a mentor to me, he taught me hard about changing the world. I detest those people who looked at me and think that I’m so crazy nutcase that I once said I want to change the world, I want to create things that will move people out of the box.They looked at me with those doubtful eyes and say are you crazy, and replied. I don’t think I want to change the world. I looked at them and wondered and swayed alongside them. Now, I don’t think it’s true of what they once said. It’s your life, it’s your time. Take it, move it and build it. DO IT.

He believed in himself, he worked hard and thought differently from others. Visionary.

I deeply remembers what Mr. Jobs has taught me in life, in being different. He’s taught me well, some people are unique. People who wants to change the world, has to put in the effort and everything.

It’s pure hard work.

I’m hoping that the world will have more world changers. yes.


I take what I learn from Steve Jobs, and pair it with Jesus.

There’s something that can be even more beautiful.







a week and 2 days.

Grandma’s gone for a week and 2 days.

i miss her.

a series of happenings that confused my emotions.

But I know deeply, she’s in a better place.

I’m glad she ain’t suffering anymore.

Jesus is with her now, I shouldn’t be afraid.

But my fear of loneliness, came back when i was like a child.

When she’s with me, I’m not afraid. Now she isn’t.

I’m trying hard to cope with this, I don’t know how.

Well, the Lord will bring me out of this with faith and trust in Him.

God, please help me O God..