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In progress, I’m gonna make a workspace in my room for myself.




getting out of bed.



I don’t seem to be able to get to sleep tonight, so I got out of it. Ideas, ideas but I literally have no strength after working the past few days past midnight on personal work. It’s tiring. But I guess, literally what Paul Rand wrote hit me to my face, when you work in an agency, you do the work of the agency well your creative director, to say. If you want to input and work with your ideas, they may not like it. Wells, if you do think your idea is great, you just have to head home and work it out. That hit me.

So, I have been working it out in my secret closet with my  creative process journal, decided to start one again. I don’t seem to be work well without one to consolidate my messy brain.

Wells, I just don’t seem to be able to work tonight too, so I’m just gonna turn in maybe wake up early tomorrow to work on some drawing. :D

5 a.m


I love u sleep, but I truly find it a waste of time to be dwelling in it.

I feel all guilty when I sleep and be lazy,perhaps that’s why some of my crazy design friends love this statement. ” Sleep is for the weak”  But I see from their perspective, but I will never take that stand. I don’t care really care if I’m weak, but ultimately I need to sleep and rest so that’s not going to stop me from SLEEPING. One of the best feelings in life is to be able to sleep, maybe.

Just not tonight. I could just be going on and on for the entire night perhaps. I just don’t feel like sleeping. Kinda miss those nights staying up till 5 a.m and talking to the miracle friend online at 5. The 2 fellows who don’t sleep at that unearthly hour. Both of us are just weird. Missed those days.

I should probably go take a shower, sink into some Sagmeister’s reading which I totally love and be inspired yet again. Highly think, by the end of it I’ll be flat on my bed.

Honestly, I am thankful that I am able to sleep.


hiatus over.


I’m back finally, on updating this blog of mine.

Thinking up on the mountain tops, that space I so desire. I feel these 7 months of working has kept me like a busy slog. D:  Yet, there’s power to do things I want and all. But, do I wanna just work on the projects I have at work. I did and truly learnt heaps on Dieter Ram’s kind of design. Minimal style with grids and create layouts for web from scratch and seeing them go live for clients. Happy to be able to do such things. But after all, being an illustrator honestly, there’s blurbs of time when I would whipped out my pencils, black pens, black markers and start my doodling.

I don’t know why, but every design done, I just want it to go further and be even more fantastic. I wonder if that kind of drive is healthy. Sometimes, I can be a serious workaholic. I wonder how many plans do I have in my notebooks to really begin my personal work and start illustrating and doing screenprinting. Btw, I found this studio which I totally LOVE, which I don’t mind flying over to work for them to be honest. FOR I LOVE Mike Perry works.

Sigh, back to reality, it’s time I pull myself up a little. Start doing additional work for the love of design and art. Seriously, how do designers keep working if they aren’t inspired. So, people do expect us to draw something tasteful and they have an idea in their heads. But I’ve decided today, I’m going to design what I like, how I want it to be, draw things I love and be happy with the creation I came up with. After all, this gift belongs to God. Oh wells, dinner time. I’m gonna start my calendar planning. Gonna use some coffee and tea for tonight. Illustrations and I need a clear mind. I’ll write soon :P

i miss doodling.

i miss doodling :(

it’s been a real long while, since I did this.

This above piece is gone for good. It’s traveling as an exhibit.

How precious these are to me.

I’ve got a new one which I haven’t quite use yet, only 2 pages.

Gonna start doodling on the train again.

I’m like a student again, I’m picking up things.

Studying hard at Josef Muller Brockmann

Again, thinking of getting another book, Thinking with type : Ellen Lupton.

sigh. my monthly pay always goes to books and magazines.

GENIUS ME, I should start banning myself till I finish reading all the books I have.

rambling night, but yea I’m still as passionate about design since I was 13 years old.

some things never change.

gdnight world.

Beautiful Blank

I figured, I should be writing such things in my personal diary * handwritten one * of course!

I’m so BUSY :( such a bummer. I’m writing lesser these days and tweeting so much. sparks of inspirations.

NAH. Writing will never die on me. It sorts my thoughts in perfect clarity.

A very positive thing is coming right up, but let’s keep it in wraps first! BUBBLING WITH EXCITEMENT really!

Secondly, been up to with serious SILKSCREENing. Gonna start doing it at home.

MORE WORK COMING! Work has been really good! very beautiful.

* In a phase of questioning my motives and even the songs I sing every sunday. Do I mean what I sing, sometimes it’s just not that way. Being pressured to read the bible due to peers or that desire to draw closer to the Father? Yet still having a discipline to read it, I assure you reading the bible for the pure joy of it is rewarding and it becomes like a story the Father is telling and have written just so I know :)

Thought I will share it tonight!

Sigh. I’ll prepare my artwork for another submission tmr. :X late already. At least the forms are settled.

HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT, take delight at the words on the image above!

Individual Consumerism


tonight, homegroup was a great time.

Truly enjoyed the honest discussion on this thing called the individual consumerism.

Wells, we’re not talking about literal consumerism, could called it fake spirituality maybe.

It’s very much applicable in life really, cause at least that’s how I’m feeling this period of time.

Asking God why this happens to me and that, and why He didn’t answer my prayers. It’s true blue not about any of us. It’s about Him in everything. The idea of individual consumerism is where you go to God and ask for things you want. He can choose to give it to you and choose not to as well. Wells, it just freaking show how selfish I myself can be. Times, where I get impatient with things and frustrated, because I’m not getting the things I want. Thats why I’m irritated usually.

But that’s really not the faith I have when I chose Jesus to be my Savior. I guess growing up, makes you forget many things. That’s my confession, I mean I don’t really have this issue when I’m in my teens. I guess, lesser things and issues to deal with. Being an adult is quite something actually. :O It makes me wonder, what’s my faith based on, it’s to be based on the Word of God which is the Rock which I can stand upon always. On the Father, who first loved me who sent Christ. I know it’s easy to say this, but truly I say Jesus loves. He loves you and me, perhaps it’s a season where you can’t see His hands and face, but be assured He’s there looking at what you are going through. But NEVER do you ever try individual consumerism, asking God to be your problem solver. I know some issues are tough, I’m not asking you not to pray. Pray! Definitely, check the motives from the rock bottom of your heart. Before you do anything.

That’s why, I’ve learnt to enjoy the wee hours in the night with my Savior, with no agenda or motives, just sitting at His feet. The stop, that I hope not to miss every single day. Even for 3 minutes that I can be still and pray, its where I want to be.



New Oceans.


It’s been a while, I still haven’t figured out my thoughts. I’m at a loss, dreamless. I mean, I completed one of my biggest dreams in life at 24. That’s to get myself to art school, graduate and be a true blue graphic designer/ illustrator. Whatsoever. It has hit that I have genuinely completed this. 2 months into proper work. Every job is tough, you work under someone, ain’t like you’re the boss that you call the time. Some wishful thinking of mine. I’m truly considering new oceans, the oceans I have yet to discover or find. That process of searching, longing to dig deeper for a meaning a thing in life that I can look to as I grow in life. New Oceans. The irony of finding out what I hope to do. Couple of my friends, started their very own initiative. That’s excellent really. But I haven’t find mine. Wells, at least I do know, there’s so much chores at home for me, the first will be clean and pack the room and start living in it properly. I’m still at a loss, what should I do besides working. Everything is going on just find, needs to find some motivation in life to keep it going. Perhaps, I just need a longer period to think about it.

okay, it’s late. gd nite!

life’s a fleet.

passing time, is unbelievable these days.

I don’t do much as before. I’m thinking if bumming was the best days of my life.  :)

Well reality is setting in, the real reality of TIME.

Geez. I hate it when the hours just fly pass me just like this.

Just want to head home everyday, do some reading, TV, family time. Crash.

That’s all about it, but of course not, there’s still little things from chores, errands and everything else.

WORKOUT time, is something I decided to shift out of focus but I can’t anymore.

anyways, its been a wonderful 1 and a half months. Almost half of February is gone.

precious time of my life, don’t slip by too quickly. I’m living everyday to the best I can. :)

(regrets, I don’t want to leave any in my life I choose to live it to my best! )

589th post.

It’s something unpredictable but in the end
It’s right I hope you’ve had the time of your life

okay, finally here.

2012. a new job. a new room. a new life. a new start.

It’s been amazing thus far. tiring.

But enjoying my new job a lot. Learning so much in the job!

I think I could even put this right now, I’m lovin’ my new job, God provided.

It’s a joy. Never imagined I would be a designer.

Now, it’s true and I don’t have give in the style and look of my design.

Well, it simply means, the style of design fits the company and the style of the co. fits me.

same style, sleek design.

I’m thankful.

First time I got chased home by my boss during my first week of work.

Told me to go home early!

It almost never happen in any design firm, I assure you.

so yay!

I’ll write more in this year to com! It’s 589th post already.

It’s been 5 years of writing since 2007.

My first post, also my favourite God Tears.

memories. :)