5 a.m


I love u sleep, but I truly find it a waste of time to be dwelling in it.

I feel all guilty when I sleep and be lazy,perhaps that’s why some of my crazy design friends love this statement. ” Sleep is for the weak”  But I see from their perspective, but I will never take that stand. I don’t care really care if I’m weak, but ultimately I need to sleep and rest so that’s not going to stop me from SLEEPING. One of the best feelings in life is to be able to sleep, maybe.

Just not tonight. I could just be going on and on for the entire night perhaps. I just don’t feel like sleeping. Kinda miss those nights staying up till 5 a.m and talking to the miracle friend online at 5. The 2 fellows who don’t sleep at that unearthly hour. Both of us are just weird. Missed those days.

I should probably go take a shower, sink into some Sagmeister’s reading which I totally love and be inspired yet again. Highly think, by the end of it I’ll be flat on my bed.

Honestly, I am thankful that I am able to sleep.



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