hiatus over.


I’m back finally, on updating this blog of mine.

Thinking up on the mountain tops, that space I so desire. I feel these 7 months of working has kept me like a busy slog. D:  Yet, there’s power to do things I want and all. But, do I wanna just work on the projects I have at work. I did and truly learnt heaps on Dieter Ram’s kind of design. Minimal style with grids and create layouts for web from scratch and seeing them go live for clients. Happy to be able to do such things. But after all, being an illustrator honestly, there’s blurbs of time when I would whipped out my pencils, black pens, black markers and start my doodling.

I don’t know why, but every design done, I just want it to go further and be even more fantastic. I wonder if that kind of drive is healthy. Sometimes, I can be a serious workaholic. I wonder how many plans do I have in my notebooks to really begin my personal work and start illustrating and doing screenprinting. Btw, I found this studio which I totally LOVE, which I don’t mind flying over to work for them to be honest. FOR I LOVE Mike Perry works.

Sigh, back to reality, it’s time I pull myself up a little. Start doing additional work for the love of design and art. Seriously, how do designers keep working if they aren’t inspired. So, people do expect us to draw something tasteful and they have an idea in their heads. But I’ve decided today, I’m going to design what I like, how I want it to be, draw things I love and be happy with the creation I came up with. After all, this gift belongs to God. Oh wells, dinner time. I’m gonna start my calendar planning. Gonna use some coffee and tea for tonight. Illustrations and I need a clear mind. I’ll write soon :P


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