Beautiful Blank

I figured, I should be writing such things in my personal diary * handwritten one * of course!

I’m so BUSY :( such a bummer. I’m writing lesser these days and tweeting so much. sparks of inspirations.

NAH. Writing will never die on me. It sorts my thoughts in perfect clarity.

A very positive thing is coming right up, but let’s keep it in wraps first! BUBBLING WITH EXCITEMENT really!

Secondly, been up to with serious SILKSCREENing. Gonna start doing it at home.

MORE WORK COMING! Work has been really good! very beautiful.

* In a phase of questioning my motives and even the songs I sing every sunday. Do I mean what I sing, sometimes it’s just not that way. Being pressured to read the bible due to peers or that desire to draw closer to the Father? Yet still having a discipline to read it, I assure you reading the bible for the pure joy of it is rewarding and it becomes like a story the Father is telling and have written just so I know :)

Thought I will share it tonight!

Sigh. I’ll prepare my artwork for another submission tmr. :X late already. At least the forms are settled.

HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT, take delight at the words on the image above!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blank

  1. themoreiseekyou says:

    i can’t say i really like the forehead kisses though. haha

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