Individual Consumerism


tonight, homegroup was a great time.

Truly enjoyed the honest discussion on this thing called the individual consumerism.

Wells, we’re not talking about literal consumerism, could called it fake spirituality maybe.

It’s very much applicable in life really, cause at least that’s how I’m feeling this period of time.

Asking God why this happens to me and that, and why He didn’t answer my prayers. It’s true blue not about any of us. It’s about Him in everything. The idea of individual consumerism is where you go to God and ask for things you want. He can choose to give it to you and choose not to as well. Wells, it just freaking show how selfish I myself can be. Times, where I get impatient with things and frustrated, because I’m not getting the things I want. Thats why I’m irritated usually.

But that’s really not the faith I have when I chose Jesus to be my Savior. I guess growing up, makes you forget many things. That’s my confession, I mean I don’t really have this issue when I’m in my teens. I guess, lesser things and issues to deal with. Being an adult is quite something actually. :O It makes me wonder, what’s my faith based on, it’s to be based on the Word of God which is the Rock which I can stand upon always. On the Father, who first loved me who sent Christ. I know it’s easy to say this, but truly I say Jesus loves. He loves you and me, perhaps it’s a season where you can’t see His hands and face, but be assured He’s there looking at what you are going through. But NEVER do you ever try individual consumerism, asking God to be your problem solver. I know some issues are tough, I’m not asking you not to pray. Pray! Definitely, check the motives from the rock bottom of your heart. Before you do anything.

That’s why, I’ve learnt to enjoy the wee hours in the night with my Savior, with no agenda or motives, just sitting at His feet. The stop, that I hope not to miss every single day. Even for 3 minutes that I can be still and pray, its where I want to be.




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