New Oceans.


It’s been a while, I still haven’t figured out my thoughts. I’m at a loss, dreamless. I mean, I completed one of my biggest dreams in life at 24. That’s to get myself to art school, graduate and be a true blue graphic designer/ illustrator. Whatsoever. It has hit that I have genuinely completed this. 2 months into proper work. Every job is tough, you work under someone, ain’t like you’re the boss that you call the time. Some wishful thinking of mine. I’m truly considering new oceans, the oceans I have yet to discover or find. That process of searching, longing to dig deeper for a meaning a thing in life that I can look to as I grow in life. New Oceans. The irony of finding out what I hope to do. Couple of my friends, started their very own initiative. That’s excellent really. But I haven’t find mine. Wells, at least I do know, there’s so much chores at home for me, the first will be clean and pack the room and start living in it properly. I’m still at a loss, what should I do besides working. Everything is going on just find, needs to find some motivation in life to keep it going. Perhaps, I just need a longer period to think about it.

okay, it’s late. gd nite!


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