(Get it here! via Little Drom Store)

thinking of getting some knick knacks? for a special friend and stuff, this is my favourite shop in Singapore thus far. It’s a little hideout I go to, as and when I can find the time. They sell really exquisite and lovely stuff. Frankie Magazine is the other thing I oftenly visit them often for. These wooden iphone cases caught my eyes, beautiful aren’t they? Loved the way how wood naturally captivates my eyes. Still contemplating to get it a not, if there’s no camera behind, would it be what I will want? Question, Question, Question.

Been a little busy this week, I’m cramming my driving lessons as much as I can this week just before I start work on tuesday, where I have to say HI! to the real life and say BYE! to my fun-filled days I have had. Final theory Test on monday, busy busy day. Lots to do, a freelance project on the way. For a friend (:  Branding agency, please don’t be a boring subject for me please, I need to spend quite a period of time with you. I just seriously hope I won’t end up regretting! Excited about my new workspace instead of the office whatever, thinking about what to bring to office. I told my mom about the things I’m bringing, she was like why don’t I bring my travel bag. I looked at her with disbelief.. Like no, that’s so awkward to bring that on the 1st Day of work. Haaaa…

It’s a great day! :)


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