Positive things & Negative things

I’m a typical type of girl who likes to learn positive things at the end so I’ll be happy so let’s start with the negative things.

My family’s helper is employed by another employer, she left this evening for a new home. I’m kind of dejected that she’s gone now. Not because of the housework etc but the house has just grown even more lonelier.

I can assure you, I dislike a quiet and boring house. :( when grandma’s around everyone will watch tv, there’s always things to do as a family together watching tv and eating snacks.

Positive things lately, I’ve been doing my driving and progressing well. I got my ever first freelance paycheck! so YAY! Then I just received a freelance job next week, excited but yet very much afraid how I will fare. I certainly hope I will be good! Thirdly, I got another freelance opportunity, but they nearly wanted to get me in for 2 weeks. But I turned down due to the first freelance job opportunity. SO YESSS. I’m feeling strange how they all came in within a day. Thankful to God for all these little positive things.

To admit, I’m really quite down and discourage with the amount of changes I’m coping these 2 weeks. But yes. I’m looking forward to some light and positive things. the boyfriend has been very sweet, we arent in the best form you know. so much been happening. Our reality of jobs and all but it has been quite the journey of pain and trials but I guess I wouldn’t want to walk this journey without him around (: Thank you God for him (:


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