writing dreams.

Design Skills to the test. I’m trying to design a camp leaflet for SU Camp 2011 this year. Trying to make it look very Marvel Comics. So yes, I’m turning my head upside down for it and I drew quite a number of drafts last night and got me into a frustrated mode. Hopefully this thing will turn out great. Wells, I’m a bummer now. I haven’t got a job as yet, not rushing into it, though it’ll be good to have one. Well, I have 2 interviews on 1 day. NOT FUNNY. But it’s quite good too, well at least the 2 interviews next week I’m certain I will not mind working for them at least for a while before I submit a hilarious resignation letter. That letter I found made me laugh hard. Wells, wells. I have a new layout for wordpress finally. But I really dislike the typeface, it’s disturbing that it has rounded edges, blurry look. Not my kind of thing you know. I’m also learning driving, drove out of circuit yesterday, super scared but it feels great too, the car can be faster :) woo hoo. I’m doubtful I’ll be a safe driver in future, I’ll probably drive fast too. random post, I should get to NUH to visit my adorable granny (; i love her!









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