Job Hunt

My thoughts about job hunt, isn’t a fantastic one.. I guess I really am too hopeful on the first interview I had perhaps, but the process of job hunting is difficult and tough. Somehow I go through immense stress during such time to look for a design agency that will fit me and they will benefit as well. Went for my second interview today, utter shock that it took only 20 mins and I could have taken the opportunity to ask a lot more things seriously :/ but well well. It’s over and I shouldn’t dwell into it whereas I should look for other opportunities. Oh wells, we’ll see how it goes really. The process of waiting is going to be a longer than I envision right. Anxiety and fear can make me lose my ground and find any job I want to take. Sheesh it just isn’t a good thing :( dear God, would u be beside with me through this and help me to not be anxious or fear but to know it’s all in Your sovereign hands.


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