`long walks

Had a long walk with the boy who bullies me (: it was a beautiful strolling at East Coast Park, just talking and working out issues we were going through. (: strolling and talking in the midst of the light rain. It was beautiful. I find it both of us are so funny! okay but I really enjoyed my time with him today despite the thursday night (: piggg, encouragement  hor!! i haven’t had such time spent with this pigg for a long while. But it’s just a delight and joy to walk through such a journey with the boy.  It’s coming to 2 years we’ve journeyed. There’s been happy times, and very difficult times, challenges, family issues. I’m glad we braved through many storms, walked through a lot of things. Let’s journey further still. (:

Despite the uncertain circumstances in my life, I’m learning a lot out of all these. Disappointments, difficult situations, have grown me a lot. Even at this juncture of job searching. It’s tough, well I need to look forward and not be looking at the places I’ve been to the interview. Kind of liked it, but is it where God wants me to be. May I see further, not be discouraged and journey on so much more. Starting with writing goals this week. If you’re reading this, do drop a prayer for this job at Holmes & Marchant, that let God’s will be done, though I felt that I will enjoy it somewhat. I do like this place, hopefully something positive come out of it (: okay, i’m going to write my to-do list and goals for the week!



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