Good morning. I still can’t get to sleep yet. I was too worried and afraid to sleep:( I was afraid I can’t get the portfolio done. Granny has been frustrating me quite a bit due to her constant and consistent screams. No complaints I know she doesn’t mean to. But sleeping is a problem now. Sigh who on earth is worried till the point that lying on the bed is like scary and that u just gotta use the Mac work on the something to get stuff done. If not you can’t go to bed in peace well that’s me today/yesterday. What is happening to me? Gosh. I’m such a worry wort, insecured and fearful person why am I so anxious abt the interview tmr? :/ geez! I know right the creative director won’t eat me up right! Arghhhh frustrated with myself thedumbdumb. Wells I’m tired I’m turning in now :/


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