struggling to wake

 Recently, been struggling to wake up in the morning. I’ll end up waking up at 12 or 1 pm when sleep at 12 am. 12 hours of sleep, and still could sleep through and the curtains in the bedroom, aren’t helping much. With the history of myself, I could simply just stay on the bed the entire day. I meant it the entire day. my limbs just won’t move out of the bed. I would be such a zombie that I won’t get any lunch, not a shower or bath. Just lay there flat and continue napping or day dreaming. I can be so so lazy. But yes, it affects my mood and I can get really emotional and upset as I allow thoughts to get the better of me. Urks! sometimes, it really sucks? I don’t know seriously. It’s really difficult and tough to get out of the bed. I’ll give a name to this problem of me. the MORNING awakening syndrome of samsam. Oh wells. I can’t wakeeeee up!

wakeeee uppp!


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