Lasalle Show 2011

I just woke up and it seems the days in Lasalle is truly ending. I’m quite sad :( . I’m gonna miss the studio times where we work with our friends, our dinner times and photographing times and doing lots of crazy things. Skateboarding to the toilet and back! I’m really gonna miss them all. I will miss my grandmother lecturer, Joselyn Sim and the funniest lecturer Tito! my year 1 lecturer who’s always finding creative work and working on them and painted the diploma show! Colin Faulks. Shannon who’s the prettiest lecturer as always. Andri who is the most gentle lecturer I’ve seen this far (: Shuang Shuang who has amazing knowledge of techniques in art! Jessica who often looks stern but she’s a nice person afterall :D I’m really gonna miss school. I’ve been feeling a sense of nostalgia after I came home from Lasalle Show last night. It gotta be the best thing that happened to me. 3 years of miracle. 3 years of a story, I’ve never gotten past the fact. I’m given a chance and how it pieced together with God’s angels that He has sent. I’m done with Art School! Did it, now Work? Can I go over the U.S and Europe to work? I wish. But I don’t wish to do that at this point now. But it’s great, I want to work in design house still! Doing creative work, I don’t mind working as an illustrator at home though (: Good morning people! Will write more


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