I’ve got a bad artist syndrome. I can’t go anywhere without my pencil case, black pens, and paper. Ideas appear at the strangest and quirkiest time. But I love the ideas when there’s a great one. I’ll whip out my pen and paper to scribble it down. When I’ve time to spare. I’ll start drawing little thumbnails. That’s what I did this afternoon. With about an hour to spare, thinking what to create for my namecards tried to take shortcuts last night while designing but it was horrid. So, I’ve bumped them off. And started with a new idea list. The current list is all about nature. Just reminds me of God’s creation once again. And it links to my works on sustainability enjoy! :D i simply enjoy and truly love what I do. Illustrate my life. There’s an awesome thing to do. Okay. Gotta run, but here’s what I’ve got for the namecards. Woodgrain, dandelions, Gerbera, Herb plants, Antelope horns? Feather like plants, mushroom? O’wells. we’ll know by tomorrow. I need them out tmr! :D I’m a really happy girl now! Did my vinyls, they looked really great and the woody look is amazing! big smile :D


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