friday blues.

a terrible day, when will ever a person feel so guilty and horrible just because they couldn’t touch their school work. Because they don’t know and don’t wish to face it. ahhh. today was one such day. :( boooo.

GUILT of not doing work the entire day, couldn’t focus though i bathed. D: i just couldn’t. sigh. But yesss. WIP on monday. I should be doing the posters and I’m not. D: it’s not good at all. A1 poster what shall I do?

Hopefully tmr will be a better day, when I wake I hope I’m awakened. To do my work. SIGH. God this is unbelievable. I’m getting the anxiety again.. NOOO. I do want to sleep well and stop worrying. I don’t want to live like my mom. :( she woke me up again thinking I didn’t off the switches. When it was my dear sis who on it for her personal use. :/

rough day. But God is watching, sometimes I just wish He eliminated such days as this. But it never ever happened. I should be thankful, that I’ve got my family and friends with me safe and sound, what happened to Japan was really unfortunate. A running sequel of disasters was not fun. I pray, they will be comforted and for God’s mercy for Japan.





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