howie day//collide

even the best falls down sometimes,

even the own words seems to write

out of the doubt that fills my mind

somehow i’ll find you and I collide


even the best fall down sometimes

even the stars refuse to shine

out of the back you fall in time

somehow i’ll find you and I collide


i love this song. been a while i heard it. favorite in my entire school life to stress relief! It’s been a slow paced day. 4 hours being a bookworm in the school library reading Stefan Sagmeister: Things I’ve Learned in Life So Far. It’s a great book to motivate and inspire just about life. HAPPY! Then, went for a walk with lala to bounce ideas. Got my dinner, continued to work. Did the Salvation Army poster for meenaci! finally ;p taking a break thinking what to do next! love love breaks. call me geek, i brought my ipod, iphone, macbook pro, wacom out today. I’m nuts// but I’m really thankful for all these. it has made my life so much easier. Thank God for them and took the mess out of my life when i work. HAAH. (: but it’s fun to work in a studio and in school. the precious weeks left till our assessments. breatheeee.

and do your work.




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