silence & solitude.


poof, I’ve got some solitude today.

Woke up, and fell back into bed.

Decided to give the IPOS lecture a miss.

Well, I just wanted to be lazy today.

Went down to do the facial and rest a bit.

Plopped down at starbucks with a cup of classic ice cocoa and double choc muffin


just a day where I breathed, and had some quiet and happy moments

sketching my drafts for vectoring tonight and stuff.

My sister is working till 11 pm so I have the room for the evening.

It’s good to work in the room sometimes, falling to the bed as and when needed.

It’s a delight. love the clean bed of mine (:

Getting 2 books for the weekend from Basheer

Sagmeister : Made you Look & Illustration Play 2

they will cause a bomb but really awesome.

Sagmeister is like the first designer I’ve looked up to especially regarding design process that’s why my CPJ are so freaking thick. :p

alright, lots of random thoughts today.

Hopefully there will be clarity in my mind when I blog again.




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