23 little dreams.










I’m 23 this year! Year 2011.

Things I’ve learnt so far, treasure every moment, remember them.

As I sat there, surfing tonight. I’ve decided to create a little book.

I name it the dream book. It will record 23 little dreams I want to fulfill this year of my life.

And I’ll draw them out in this book.

so here goes.


1. Cook and Draw my Breakfast

2. Create a silkscreen unit and silkscreen at home!

3. Get pairs of new shoes (:

4. Photograph my beloved Granny who’s naughty as well.

5. Buy some plants, to make myself HAPPY.

6. Fill the wardrobe!

7.When my hair grow longer, get a new haircut and dye my hair.

8. Get huge panda glasses!

9. Let’s pick up the DSLR, and shoot again!

10. Photograph Horses!

11. Have a picnic, and do reading!


13. sew something!

14. photograph my classmates before graduation!


16. take JUMP shots!

17. style the perfect outfit!

18. using sticker dots, create something

19. visit the zoo!

20. go to FOOD FOR THOUGHT, for breakfast and latte

21. personal reading space, at a cafe or somewhere alone.

22. go for walks as often as possible

23. Learn to drive.


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