cold friday night.

It’s Friday.

I didn’t do much today, but somehow it’s just a relaxed day.

I’m thankful for that, slow day.

Even just doing some schoolwork, I took it slow.

Enjoyed it, and took a walk.

Viewed some clothes, I saw one, I’ll try it on later.

Awww. I would love some plants in my work space.

I’m rather inspired by some visuals today! and reminds me of communication value.

Inspirations & Dreams.

the final 6 months to create inspiring imagery.

I’m doing silkscreen soon! So exciting!

I’ve got my A3 & A4 Silkscreens, UVD -HC emulsion, Darkroom safelights, squegees

I need to find a scoop coater for the emulsion and the adapter for the light bulb.

The lightbox from Ben, I’ll be able to make something happen!

Excited, yet worried the screen doesn’t work! I’m scared!



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