I definitely hope so.

D; silkscreen materials are tedious!

1. Light Box – Halogen 1000watt light, Wooden box (will be crafted) Thanks Ben!, Acrylic Block or Glass

2. Silkscreens – TP1200 Mesh Thread Count ( Micro Screen)

3. Silkscreen Paint! (Lam Thong)

4. Squegee (Micro Screen)

5. UV DVC Photo Emulsion and sensitizer

6. Photo safe lights to work in dark room.

These are driving me crazy these materials can’t be found at one place sadly. Different places sell equipments that are the best, so yes travel is the thing. Building the silkscreen unit is no joke. It’s expensive but I know it’ll be beneficial for art students i guess. Then my place will be filled with silkscreen wee. That’s a dream come true yet again (: Anyways, school is started I’m much motivated! I’m so glad when I found out my results were at my expected range! I’m like 3 -5 marks away from first class honors! I’m truly truly hoping to get there!

Running to JP,to check some lights, asics shoes and get a drink? and read a book maybe?


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