be still.

Be Still.

It’s been a long while I’ve been in quietness and stillness.

I miss the silent retreat I have in Chiangmai last year (2009)

I miss the time I just sat at the Lord’s feet reading scriptures, painting.

Looking at the birds, squirrels and enjoying delights in the day itself.

Laying on the groundsheet, with my stuff on the ground, simply painting.

Just enjoying the little tidbits of life, taking countless walks and rest.

How amazing, it was.

But life isn’t just about that, yet I’ve realized I’ve been so caught up with life.

I need some of that, and balance it up.

To reflect, to ponder to think about God.

It’s just this space and time I need (:

Be Still, not anxious or frustrated.

But be still and know He is after all the God of the Universe

(*BTW, I’m really not happy how my friends make fun of Jesus on facebook)

what should I do?


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