little moments.

moments of everyday life.

I’ve been really splurging on things I don’t kind of need somehow (:

Anyways, been photographing quite a bit, been doing it very often, as I walk

and the things in my room, I’m gonna have a makeover of my room again!

Time to redecorate it again, especially the messy noticeboard that always looked

so pretty and cool! Gonna stay somewhat the same but perhaps a little neater with

more stuff added on (:

Enjoying the time I’m blogging, it’s like payback time (;

for the times I’ve not written.

what i’ve been doing this week,

I’m doing the wedding invite, ran an errand, look after granny, read the bible, journal and pray. Other stuff like looking at my design briefs for DNAD, analyzing them and zoom down to 4 briefs but it’s still a lot to work on :( how? There’s still editing my essay, doing user testing and designing my CPJ. ideas, think think think.

OH WELLS, i’m gonna head home soon.

i miss home so often these days, or perhaps outside is not as conducive for doing work than home in the wee hours of the night (;

where all things grow quiet!

lastly, i bought another ESV bible that has big print!

Easy and relaxed reading but it doesn’t have red print for the words Jesus said (;

But well, it’s huge! and got it at 20% discount at bible societies so !


K! off i go


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