I’m just amazed at how stereotypes are formed so easily,

based on memories, experiences and information.

It makes things worse when one stereotype on a very good friend.

That’s something I have learnt last night, through all we’ve talked

about, I realized one thing all of us are all guilty of doing.

Which is jumping into conclusions based on the facts and information we know.

But yet we do not know the full picture, unlike God who knows every angle and perspective.

And this makes me think and be wary of the words I use and speak.

The things to help another person see a better picture and also

not take information as it is and form these files on stereotyping.

HMM. now I’m curious how stereotypes are formed and how did the process happen.

perhaps, I’ll find out what happened in the days to come.

But it was nonetheless the best talk with my buddy last night (;

Cleared things up, due to lots of miscommunication and misunderstandings (:

that was a joy and delight!

OK! time to meet Menachi! and get movie tickets for Narnia

and journalling and moments with God plus my DNAD briefs.



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