I’m actually quite tired :(


Been a very busy weekend.

Tomorrow will be going to the hospital with dad and granny!

Very important task.

But very tiring as well.

I need to sit down and draw as well as do my work.

Do work. Upload photos. Draw. Paint.

I need to take a bath now and do some stuff

and go to bed (:

Daddy God, it’s been a great blessing to enjoy the days ever since the end of assessments, it been fun and crazy, I’m really thankful for that (: I thank God for also this time I can spend a lil’ more time with granny, though time is short and i’ve not much patience sometimes, help me to love her as how she loved me and brought me up since i was a baby. Teach me your ways O lord and also be disciplined and hardworking to do what needs to be done. :D

thank you Lord!


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