i miss the boyfriend.

i miss the boy D:

he’s gone to mongoliaaaaa…

i told him a zillion times, i wish i could go tooooo…

then being stuck in Singapore doing projects in school :(

i was caught procrastinating by  LALA! (angela)

hahah, i was procrastinating by cleaning my laptop.

well if one is cleaning laptop at such times, it’s weird, super weird.

it’s a state of denial.

19 Nov will mark a closure for this semester …


there’s lots to do, and one thought I want to leave behind is …

living out the life God wants you to, is real tough.

in the secular environment i’m in.

But it’s worth it, every little thing you do, it’s worth it sam!

But was interesting, when my friend told me this, it’s weird that the evangelists these days start off with a note on ‘do you feel anything lacking in your life? ‘ and their response was ‘….. these people are too free, what in the world are they doing?’

Perhaps, the artsy people would love the gospel to be preached in their faces and creating a discussion. Honestly, I think that’s how we are like. Logical and  evidence to support what you say. A free expression of views. :)

It’s been a while to sit back, write and review my thoughts, it’s been months.

I’ve not wrote in my journal, I barely could even reflect deeply.

I guess, it’s my personal routine to write in the journal as a form of reflection, but reflecting it in the mind, I do it. But it’s just that I’m not quite used to reflecting within myself. :D OKAY.

I should go do my readings, and prepare for bed.

BIBLE CLASS tmr, back to basics.

the basics of who is Jesus?

is something, I’m treasuring right now.

so profound, so basic that people forget all about it.



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