Granny is in hospital again.

I don’t know how I’m feeling. It’s a lil’ overwhelming but yet not so.

Granny’s in SGH, but she should be alright, same problem. Bronchitis.

At least, she’s much better than last year when we admit her in.

Her breathlessness, worries all of us.

Anyways, now besides school & library, one more place to run to that’s SGH.

She’s like a little kid now, she just wants to go home and throw tantrum.

And keeps getting agitated which won’t help her breathlessness at all.


I hope she slept well last night, and be a good granny and eat medicine

and get well soon.

Yet I know, it’s just a matter of time kind of thing.
When she will leave us, all of us knew her kidneys are already not functioning already

But how long it can be, we still would love her to be around.
I guess that’s what we call Family.

A family bonded with love.

I need to let go and stop holding on so tightly on things, yupps.



2 thoughts on “Granny is in hospital again.

  1. themoreiseekyou says:

    oh dear. I hope all is well… I’ll be praying ok. Keep me updated my dear sister

  2. samsam says:

    i will keep you updated. (:

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