I’ve been really busy hiding in my room.

with this little thing above!

I’m planning to open a shop on Aug 5 , Thursday I think.

It’s college day! I decided to sell handmade stuff to people.

Or some art supplies I don’t want to use anymore.

Postcards, Small cards, Small A6 notebooks and A5 notebooks.

I’m thinking of what do I want to draw, hopefully a theme.

Secondly, I may open an etsy shop to sell prints and handmade stuff.

And as you see above, finally after a very long contemplation I’ve decided to call the shop colorpolkadots

I’ve also decided to dedicate an amount of money that I sold with the stuff, for a good  cause.

I’ve no idea what now, hopefully it can be a small blessing for a mercy ministry or something,

to help the poor or for missions. (:

Why colorpolkadots?

Hmm. I love circles, i love to draw circles on the mac.
I also adore polkadots. Oh yea. I’ve also been falling in love with Japanese language.

to be exact their Typography, somehow is quite pretty.

So, I combined both to make color polkadots.

The big japanese words made with circles means color (:

I’m excited but, making the shop is difficult.

It’s also a chance to break my fear, of want to try something.

So, it’s time for me to get out of the zone I’m too comfortable in.

to want to try something, though I do not know how it’ll turn out.

But college day, is always fun (:

ok! can’t wait to go back to school.

I’ve got only 2 weeks.



suggestions are welcome!


2 thoughts on “colorpolkadots

  1. Sinyi says:

    Sounds really fun! :) Jiayou Samsam!

  2. eirik says:

    way to go! :)

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