living vs. existing



though what I’m doing now in my internship, meant a lot to me.

like what the folks will say, schooling is always tons better than working don’t they?

secondly, have i been living or merely existing.

I wonder, thinking i’ve been existing for too long.

time to live.

this entire week is like a miracle of holiday in this city.


swimming/ library/ tons of reading / painting / making/ collage/ watercolor/ watch videos / Sims 3/ sandwiches/ lunch/ lots of surfing inspiration blogs/ catch up with work/ catch with friends/ window shopping/ controlled spending/ ningster’s farewell dinner/ hang out with Rcellers/

what a great week I had last week.

samsam, needs to learn to have these even in the midst of her work in office.

To really enjoy and be always thankful the life she has.

Thank you Jesus, for such a wonderful week.

Cannot believe it (:

I have this break, before school starts officially.

what do you people think if i were to make notebooks and sell, during college day?

having my illustrations drawn on, or watercolor painting?

let me know your thoughts.

then i’ll need to get a bone folder to fold paper, to keep things neat!

lots of love.

bounced off to concept the final icon.


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