that’s what I want to write about this morning.

i want to escape SINGAPORE.

it can never go back to the way it was before.

I don’t like writing stuff about governmental policies.

But i’m just really curious, are they seriously trying to retain Singaporeans?

I don’t think they are even, trying.

Housing here is crazy, it’s like few hundred thousand for a small flat.

well now what, new plans to encourage ppl to rent instead of buying.

tsk. where’s the ownership, who wants to live here.

the overpacked Singapore, still encouraging foreigners over,

you  will see how the rich and educated gets richer, and the people who are poor gets poorer.

and the disgusting snatching of seats on the MRT train.

GROSS. and the overpacked trains…
Seriously, I  dont see a thing the government is doing to encourage Singaporeans to stay and not migrate.

they do encourage Brain Drain don’t they (:

I’m laughing because, they dont really think enough about quality of life for the people.

or do they ?

Still, I want to escape away from here..


2 thoughts on “escapism.

  1. Marcus says:

    booo…free to meet soon?

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