I’m encouraged this morning by the worship, teaching and even prayer in church.

I’m going through a rather ‘lost’ season but it should be known as waiting.

I guess, I learnt something during service today, as pastor was preaching about the gift of tongues.

I was flipping to 1 Cor 14:1 -25

especially in v4, it says; The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself, but the one who prophesies build up the church.

So when, we were asked to spoke in tongues, tears started to come down, within me a sadness came forth, crying out to the Lord.

Btw, speaking in tongues you speak to God and no one else. (: and for more info about this gift of tongues 1 Cor 14:1 -25

I guess, for me i experienced what is speaking in tongues and how it actually build the person up. In the past, I think i speak in tongues for the sake of speaking. But we have not understood what is the function of tongues and what is this about. I desire to hear and learn about this though. Because, it’s dumb to speak and not know why and what are you speaking for? besides praying because you don’t understand what you’re saying or praying. So, I felt the Lord ministered to me and hear my cries. And I know and I want to recognize that i can’t do anything but only He can.

Then, pastor chua walked over when ministry is almost done, I’m already distracted by then. And i was puzzled when he said. You are Samantha right, I would like to pray with you. Then, when he prayed, tears came down again. It was an affirmation from the Lord that He knows what I’m going thru, and He is there. I AM is there with me. :D awww. I feel so loved, feel so cared for by the Lord though i know He’s there. Affirmation is always a gift, put it this way. ;p  And God affirmed me where I’m at.

absolutely disturbing and frustrating sometimes, but i learnt to let go and wait……………….. to wait upon the Lord even moree.

But certainly encouraged today (:

and a great reminder and take away from service today, is this. Go up for altar call , not to just seek for manifestations and forget the transformer; The Lord in Heaven. How true, people seek and pursue after experiences and forget who is He. Having our appetites increase, yearning for more material possessions. Yet we’re called to be aliens on this earth. Not to love things on earth, but a planet where we will depart from earth to be with the Lord.  (:

How beautiful!

i’ll be back soon to share a short poem. (:


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