i’m weird.

things i thought about at 4:33 a.m

I’m thinking i’m weird/ abnormal.

i dont eat breakfast, that’s me.

i grab lunch from 2 to 4 p.m when i’m alone.

I don’t eat so many things on earth, duck to pig’s liver and organs. so on.

huge crazy consistency habit of the concept of planning and time.

sudden change strike, i’m destroyed totally.

not that I’ve never try fighting back, i still failed terribly.

Tried changing, but failed inevitably.

oh wells, and when i process, I don’t sleep.

Literally stay up,to rubbish. :p

and love drawing in the dead silent of night.

when the entire world is in slumber.

somehow, if I’ve got some magical power i would poke into their dreams. (:

and take a look what’s going on in there.

alright, the nites rant shall end here, i’m tired yet not sleepy.

draw a lil’ more.

owls. giraffe. umbrella. robots. birds. whale. houses. train

here i come (:


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