did this, when i was rushing during assessments.

some random image. but i kinda of like it.

let’s see, what should i talk abt tonight.

i had a pleasant time with the Lord at the library,

I’m sitting here and writing because I realized something.

about dreams, i guess.

I’ve seen people who fought hard for their dreams, and i mean it.

so hard so hard.

when they simply dont fit in to it, they fought hard for their dreams.

SO HARD, they seem to lose themselves.

hearing them, i wonder why they didn’t do what they were good at.

why fight against the wind, which ends up Hating their own work.

suddenly, i sat here and saw the other side of dreams, which i never saw.

What your dreams may be, they can ruin you too.

sometimes, doing what u enjoy most is already a dream fulfilled.

perhaps, i’m much a contented person, don’t fight to design to win competitions or big things.

But creating things that are true to my heart (:


gonna crash.


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