this picture is my new wallpaper on my macbook!

i ♥ this

i realized many schoolmates like me are going thru this phase called boredom.

we’re stuck with so much to do before assessments, now that it’s over.

we all feel like wondering souls who know not what to do.

not that being free, is bad but we’re just a little lost.

I’m going to look for my copic marker sheet. it’s so pretty when i color the colors i had.

now it’s lost. :X

i’m going to work with the copic markers,

since I’ve got them for my 21st birthday last year and the ones that magically came from heaven (:

I’ve been wondering before i sleep last night, how do my soul boast in the Lord always.

you know what, this is really hard, but always boasting means proclaiming to others (:

woots. i need time to think about it.

tata. I’ll blog later.


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