if i could be like a dandelion,

fly away..

8 more days to assessments set up.

what was I even thinking to redo project 1.

I think I’m going to miss school after this semester.

When we have a long break, I’ll miss school.

One of the days, I entered school, the sudden realization and renewal

of knowing, I’m in an art school just amazes me once again.

I’m more than thankful to be here, yes very stressful and nocturnal.

But besides that, when the work is done, plus the amazing company

of ppl, you work with is amazing. I’m serious.

I won’t trade it for anything else.


Thinking there’s only one more year left to school.

It doesn’t feel that good.

:p but wells, I better go off now, got an internship interview later.

when your passion is your work, it’s amazing.


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