hello world.

i ♥ lazy mornings.

showered when i woke up, went back in hiding behind the comforters.

deliberately had the air con on. :p haha.

days been busy, and it’ll get busier. this period i’ll be updating lesser.

i think. but it may not as well. we’ll see.

I’ve been addicted to something lately, in a good way.

addicted to drawing lotsa lines and crazy things. I name it crazy.

I dont know, where do I find such patience to do that.

Will take pictures and update soon.

yesterday was weird. I had a weird dream.

I dreamt of a great need in the muslim world today.

someone whispered to me saying.

” There’s a need of apologetic speakers there. “

I was like .. reallly? coool..

(i said that in the dream) and i saw this person preaching apologetics

early in the morning before school even started.

I was like cool. I kept saying wow.. so cool.

hahah. I know, it’s quite stupid. But even when i knew it was a dream.

I kept saying, it’s so cool.


i’m so bad in apologetics, having gone for the same workshops over and over again.

remembering i was taught how to answer some stuff, i never remembered.



i neeed an extraordinary memory. but the thing is visual is a memory diary

that works for me…

oh wells.

let me go sit on this for a little while longer (:


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