sorry ppl, no studio wednesdays or thursdays.

I’m in the midst of horrible and horrific deadlines.

Editorial design of a cover consisting – visual identity, cover concept – photographing someone to feature on cover, typography layout… and what’s the theme within and sample pages of whatever not.

IRUN project – i’ll crash if my grp wants to add on stuff to the project.

Andri says he wants the entire 16 pages book to be finished by next wed.

(sketches and ideas before making, no no it’s the final outcome ) SOBs.

Plus, Isabel writing – rewrite 500 words and making of the image.

(Daddy God, I need inspiration for this, papa I need help for all the above )

It’s almost impossible to finish. But I need to have faith and believe that You are capable. Help me Jesus.

and assessments are coming. they aren’t fun at all.

I would love to show u ppl what’s going on, in my work..

interesting collage work for me (:

But super surrealistic that I can’t grasp things I’m making.
but it becomes play time for me (:



I must go sleep.


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