studio wednesday

i’m late again.

what about studio thursday, but I get my shots on wednesday.

Wells.. something is stirring up :D hahah!

Here what happened in my space.

I think u ppl will only see THE GREAT MESS, as time goes by.

tonight it’s at the lowest. :D

just some paper cutting mess.

Plus random stuff laying around (:


wells, great productive night!

CPJ research uppp!

Decided what to work on. surrealistic text.


decided to take a random doodle and put it on A3

wanting to paint :)

buttt not tonight. another time!


9am class.

SLEEP now. samsam

7 minutes to 3 a.m

had a great and productive day.

WOO. I bought blue pencil lead.

I don’t know why I bought it!

But i saw someone using it. seems intresting.

so will attempt smth. It seems to help in illustration.

weee. and I READ Kara Walker in the library + Sagmeister + Kenya Hara

it’s just high adrenaline and inspiration.

I’m so borrowing kenya hara when i see it again!!

poetic design, interesting right.

wait till i read what a friend writes about that.

ok. got to stop. GO to bed!

3 mins to 3a.m ; 2:57 am


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