Accomplish Little ;p

Why must one always do great things.

Mother theresa once said,

Do small things, with great love.

What’s wrong with small things?

They are still beautiful to the Lord :D

Wells, I had a good day at the National Library

researching, and reading up stuff. I guess, it’s my favorite place for now.


thanks to the fellow students who are mugging hard there.

And the design or art students that spur me on, looking at them.

Simply love it there. Entered stuff in my CPJ.

drawing lessons. EL MANUEL INSTRUCTIONS.

wells, wells. And yes, FLASH.

gotta go. I should sleep. had a good day today (:

love, samsam

you dont have to great things!

do small things with great love!


2 thoughts on “Accomplish Little ;p

  1. Shireen says:

    hey sam!
    I love reading your blog, it’s inspirating! :)

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