can’t resist.

this picture made my day!

HAHA. this lil’ girl is so cute!

Wells, i repacked my space.. now it has more materials!

Things I want to do now that I’ve got the space to work!

1. Inspiration Board!

2. Canvas Paintings (:

3. Lomography :D

4. DIY projects ; Thinking thru making

5. Reading Design Articles/Manifestos

6. Making Prints with old CPJ illustrations

7. Collage or illustrate like Bianca

8. Make notebooks!

9. Attempt projects from tutorial!

10. Loads of experimentation; without worrying it being ugly.

11. Learn to draw, Practise

12. Doing themed portfolios.

13. Photograph my small studio space every wed.(showing what i’m up to)


alright! i should head out soon.

awfully sleepy. gonna nap at Macs. sobs.

what  a place to nap!


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