golden half.


another camera here, half frame!

that means a roll of film of 36, i get to shoot 72 times.

the truth is, I’m getting this camera from miracle friend.

at half price, because it sits useless now for him.

Wells, i need film.

I’m back to the film days.

I FINISHED and PRINTED my essay!

I love and hate you, essay!

I hate you for all the tedious brainwork.

But I love you, because it’s all about art and design in films.

So, yes love and hate relationship as usual.

I’m going to have more updates!

Utterly inspired to do other stuff today!

i just cleaned my room! and I’m going to clean my workspace.

To do more work, at the studio space yay!


2 thoughts on “golden half.

  1. yuhong says:

    Kodak Tmax 400 B&W professional 35mm
    $4 a roll, keen?

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