my loves the past week.♥

1. The new epilator in the house!! – awesome! thanks daddy for buying it! Ladies, all of us should have one!

2. Starbucks Classic Ice Cocoa not on the MENU!  twice consecutively

3.  Everyday by Sausalito Foxtrot ( a song I  love now!)

4. I love IMOVIE, major distraction when I wrote my essay, but for a change, it inspires!

5.  Being geeky! and reading; Reading the SHACK right now.

6.  Definitely, not missing out the lovely boy, the time we spent together!

7. Not being able to eat a lot of food ! thanks to wisdom tooth, discovering what soft food I’m capable of eating. Loves the soup and rice! :p yay!

8. LASALLE CHRISTIANS GROUP! – awesome! it’s started and it’s going!

9. Hopefully, this comes true, MINI ad!

10. The Ipoh Hor fun at Holland V! really good! but i’m too slow and tired of chewing! :D



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