falling slowly.

i love how the melody of this song goes.

it feels surreal, the entire clip, and I scanned thru the movie.

yet to decide to watch it a not, yet another love story..

yeaa, it’s just another plain night for me.

there’s a lot of doubt and uncertainty is this phase for me, I guess.

It does comes, and I’m sure they will go also.

But no matter what happens, Father I want to hang on to You.


somehow, i’m bothered about theology today, will I ever do theology in a theology school?

I know, I shouldn’t have no faith to believe I can’t do it.

But rather, it just a different perspective for me to think about it.

what do I want to do?

It shall be the question to ask myself the entire year.

Do I want to go straight to missions, study theological school or be a designer and continue to work in the arts scene when I graduate. I’ve got a lot of thoughts and thinking tonight somehow. I figured writing helps me to think.

Certainly, I do certainly desire to have a studio, I can call my own, it may be a small room, but I do hope to be doing art shows and exhibitions, well it’s a dream. A dream where I can travel around the world doing this, for a season of my life. Through Art as a medium, to share the Love of Christ. Yet what Jason said on friday, ‘ Let’s not be insurance agents of Christ, trying to sell Christ to people desperately.’ I thought this was well said. We fall into such holes, sometimes. We make people annoyed, it’s like if you don’t buy this, you’re so going to fall back and all.

Hmm. Insurance Agent.

It’s just an interesting note.



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