do work sam!


I hate doing work, on public holidays.

but have to. sobs sobs.

hanging out late tonight with crusade alumni at 2 a.m desert bar.

Tmr, heading out to visit my pastor’s place.

then, the cycle goes back to school.

ILLUSTRATIONs, i’m going to thrash and win you over my side ;p

i’ll learn to be utterly patient with u!

List of to – do

1. Spend time with God

2. Illustrations – 6

3. Essay structure- organization

4. Upload advertising photos

(that’s not a lot of work actually, but yupps)

I have a new aspiration this year, be a better PHOTOGRAPHER.

shoot portraits, since I’m more free this semester. :x due to schoolwork lol!

With love, Happy Chinese New Year!

bounceeeeeed offf!


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