sleeepy eyes.

where’s my faith?

my faith is to be on Christ and Christ alone.

last night, i felt really frustrated drawing,

crying while drawing, asking God why did you put me here.

you knew i can’t draw fantastically well at all.

but well, after i rubbishly cried, i sat thru the drawing and made the final drawing .

that took 5 hours. with a stack of sketches to figure things out. D:

i woke up today,wondering why am i always adapting to school.

well, i thought probably because of the vast array of things we do, think and

be a anal perfectionist about angles and perception.

Then, I shake these thoughts away,

I thought, perhaps, this is the faith journey of me and God.

leaning on His strength, so I can’t do it on my own.

Well, patience is definitely needed with me.

I get frustrated as I can’t get what I’m trying to get, mainly because I simply try too hard. ha!

Alright, this new semester going to stretch me upside down.

I CAN DRAW WELL, by faith!



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