//to do list

1. Type the outline of the essay draft

2. Watch Oliver Twist; grab the scenes of social injustice

3. Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Old film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

4. Arrange the images research to print

5. Sketch 6 illustrations.

6. Find MINI cooper photos and frames (:

7. Write about the charlie and the chocolate factory in the essay draft.

8. Essay outline (in details of the issues)

I’m fretting next week! sobs. the late nights are here to haunt. :(

when I just got into a habit of sleeping early. there goes.

let’s see what I have next week.

1. Return books on monday.

2. Attend a Gathering on monday

3. Cut my hair

4. 500 words essay draft due on tuesday

5. if we are going to have 3 hours of flash lesson; Thank God flash is fun.

6. Tuesday, MINI campaign planning and visuals….. more than u can imagine.

7. 1 set of 6 illustrations, executed properly on THURSDAY! noooooo…..

8. Photography Shoot for MINI ambient Ad.

9. Dinners and meet ups with friends and lovely boy

wells, it starts right this week when it floods in like water. and guess what. we have another workshop during studio.. motion workshop! sighh. busy like a beee. sobbs! i’m a little scared! wells..

*additional note: I do know my schoolwork sounds real fun!  but doing it isn’t that fantastic (:


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