Beautiful Losers

check them out!

they are awesome artists, not artists that pursue recognition or success in their art life. But simply doing what they love, the little things they love to do.

what a beautiful day today.

though the train got delayed.. I thought i was going to miss my favorite class.

Art History, which is so not history! it’s the coolest. trust me.

As i walked in, i saw this video. WOW. i was like. hmmm.

Then, bummed around, till our next class..

which was printmaking. getting all dirty with the inks.

We discovered the hidden STUDIOs in our school. sculpture studio, media arts lab, photography studio (probably darkroom) and the PRINTMAKING studio.

This was it. We did our woodcarving and were doing printmaking. I’m extremely excited! Till even now. Because looking at how things happen. wow. I must say. I’m seriously falling in love with PRINTMAKING! ♥

HAPPY day. relaxed. chilled out with the lovely boy.

anyways, let’s end with some PHUNK studio works (:

met them, local designers who set up a firm that is recognized internationally, they were all students in lasalle before. (:


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