it’s burning.

well I headed back to school for a briefing.

it’s like a passion relit, within me.

it’s strange, ever strange why and how this passion

burn so deep within my soul, i can’t even explain.

sometimes, it burns so brightly, within me, sometimes I ask God.

why what’s burning with me, isn’t you Jesus but this passion of mine.

I never got an answer for this..

But i guess, that’s why I fought hard to be in the arts and it’s a place I will not be restricted.

where I can just be myself, doing what I desire so much, of course I believe Jesus knows this is the best for  me.

What should I say, O God?

it’s been the best, even in times of Breaking down and sorrow, somehow I’ll work it out, move it thru’

by Your grace so free.

I’m really excited to be back to school, it’s only a short time left.

More academic essays, I fret.

I don’t know, but I need You Jesus.

I don’t want to work alone in my projects, it’s more difficult i can imagine.

I just want more time with the Lord.

Nothing more I can give, but my time and myself to be with Him.

And I hope, my friends out there will know Jesus, ppl think He’s something unreal, but i believe, there’s something more .

till, you really know Him.

i wanna stand amazed by Him, once again.

new semester, new beginning.

a new year!


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